Our pointing process

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The  specialist Pointing Process


Pointing is the process of raking out damaged or deteriorated mortar and replacing with a matching new mortar.


We always rake our joints to a minimum of 15mm deep. as a rule, the depth raked out should be around 1.5 times the thickness of the joint. the raked joints are always kept damp while pointing. This is essential for the new pointing mortar to archive a strong bond.

The raking out part of the process is the messy part of the job and can cause a lot of disruption to you, the customer and also neighbouring properties. So dust suppression is one of the most important parts of the repointing job. Mb pointing have invested hundreds of pounds worth of dust extraction equipment to solve this problem. All of our grinders are fitted with purpose made extractions guards. These are full wrap gaurds and enclose the diamond blade 100%. This have a vacuum port at the rear and this connected to our vacuum extraction units. The extraction units we use are the most effective and efficient mobile units currently available on the market. We will be soon uploading video clips of these in use so you can see just how much improvement there is. Our current set up reduces dust by a minimum of 75% when compared to no dust extraction. This has many benefits, a clean tidy workspace, clean and tidy neighbouring properties, a healthy working environment and also lower job prices for our customers due to minimal clean up time.

Where needed or requested we still use traditional hand tools.

Once all the grinding is done all the brickwork is then washed down to removed any dust from the face and also the joints so there clean ready for the pointing process.  The mortar is then mixed and the pointing starts. We use a combination of hand tools, manual pointing guns and compressed air powered guns. All of these have different advantages. Guns have a big advantage over pointing with hand tools as with the mortar being injected into the joint is is guaranteed to fill the entire joint and not just the face which can sometime happen when pointing with hand tools. A joint that is not full will fall out because the lack of surface its able to bond to and will also crack at the first sight of frost. Once the pointing mortar has been injected it is then ready for the chosen finish.

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