Dust free pointing

At mb pointing we pride ourselfs if a clean tidy job. the dust and mess is one of the most noticeable parts of repointing if done wrong.

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Mb pointing have invested hundreds of pounds worth of dust extraction equipment to solve this problem. All of our grinders are fitted with purpose made extractions guards. These are full wrap guards and enclose the diamond blade 100%. This have a vacuum port at the rear and this connected to our vacuum extraction units. The extraction units we use are the most effective and efficient mobile units currently available on the market. We will be soon uploading video clips of these in use so you can see just how much improvement there is. Our current set up reduces dust by a minimum of 85% when compared to no dust extraction. This has many benefits, a clean tidy workspace, clean and tidy neighbouring properties, a healthy working environment and also lower job prices for our customers due to minimal clean up time.

this also means we are more than equipped to carry out work in busy public places at we are able to keep dust down and keeping disruption to a minimum. ¬†we also regularly carry out chasing work for electrical contractors. this work is always inside where furnishings and carpets ect are. with out the dust extraction this would not be possible with out moving many items of furniture, covering everything in dust sheets and then still needing to spend hours cleaning afterwards and that’s not mentioning the health hazards involved. for thi swe have twin blade grinders that cut both sides of the chase at the same time. then a hammer and bolster is more than enoigh to break the centre out. ¬†please conatact us if you require a price for dust free chasing. we are cscs and cis registered.

please take a minute to watch our short video of our dust extraction unit in use when raking out brickwork ready for repointing